so far so good/bad?
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well i have just spend 18 years of my life on earth like finally. no more fake IC/Ezlink to try to enter some clubbing areas. well not realli into clubbing but then the experience and everything shud b a yes yes to try. its been 3 days and i havent even register for a BTT yet. i think i would go for it soon. life has been great and has been bad, not everything would go in your own way but i am the only thinking of what i want and yet i did not do what i want. so its screwed up. plans are plans and thought are thoughts. have to make a firm decision out from this 2.
haizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz IWLYTAMFDDMBBIF.


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off to kucop (dunno how to spell) back by tmr a dumb 1D1N trip lols.


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well i tink im not realli doing my best in evrything yet and it seems that i do not have the courage to admit it! dam it.

Did thought of it!!!
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yes did thought of doing something today but then i dunno y i jus backed out at the last min. i am nt very very sure whether it will be de right thing to do but i will probably do it sooner or later with no doubt. i do not want to live with it in me forever.

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nothing special realli happen during holiday, jus slacking at home, exercise abit and then work during weekends to earn xtra $. =) tats all?! so its just a waste of time and i dunno wad de hell am i doing?

1216 - sundown marathon
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Well back from sundown marathon, its 42.195km dat we(darius, gary n me) are suppose to run but in de end de total distance was like more than 45km. total, we took about 7+ hours or mayb even up to 8 hours to complete the whole run but its was a great result for us as we did not even train 1/2 of what we are suppose to run so so so so so ok lor. finish the race and we gt a finisher T-shirt which is not as great as last year's finisher t-shirt and a medal. now sigificant as the word finisher of 42km so small unlike last year. mayb due to recession?

ok how great, term test will be on tuesday, thursday n friday.! start studying soon.

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well, sundown is onli in a few days time and my trainin is craps lmao, like only 10km de most dat i run and my marathon is 42km. WTF?! well, man u lost to barcelona. its like wtf again. waste my youth man as i headed to boat quay pub to watch it and spend about 30 dollars de day though some stranger uncles treated us to beer and a bit of hard liquour. haizzzz, 2-0 is a stupid score man!! MAN U PLAY LIKE SHYT AND BECAUSE OF THIS, I WASNT ABLE TO ATTEND TODAYS'S DASG REVISION LECTURE. GOD DAMN IT!!!!!!
woke up at 11+ n get rdy to sch but i kinda waste time here and dere and left de hues at arnd 12.15 and my class is at 1 so, gt no choice waited for bus 112 to come and it came at 12.30 ok godlike and when i reach to the 72 bus stop, one of it jus left and i check wif iris and realise that i need to wait for another 15mins for the next 72. so haf to cabbed to sch instead.
1pm was de apel and have to wait around 4hours for subject briefing which starts at 5 and it onli last 30mins so its a fkin waste of time and now i have to choose between SYSTEM INFRASTRUCTURE OR BUISNESS SOLUTIONS which is networking and programming respectively. how to choose sia, im not interested in any of elective. well badminton, jog, pushups did in de 4 hours of break shag.. bb
off to study for de freakin 25% lab test dat i do not know a single shit!



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well been back from hainan like 1 month plus alr? i tink so. cant really rmb lmao.
to summarise about the hainan trip with only 8 letters which is QUITE FUN.
i think its been quite long so im unable to remember most of de thing that happen
there. so like dat like dat lor! pictures mayb nxt time cuse juz back from street soccer,
so its a bit tiring.

if i nt wrong, i think this week is the 4th week alr. seriously saying, i dun understand a
single module that any of de lecturer is teaching but mayb dsag can understand a bit.
the rest, ohhhh god die liao lar! i have not been goin to any of de lectures, no for opsy, 
no for wwnk, no for dsag and etc.................... tutorials r dam dumb n stupid cuse the teachers
are telling us dat de answers get directly from the lecture slides but wtf he talkin abt.
mayb he shud tell us whats goin on and so on or how should u solve this qn blah blah n so on.
no more nagging on school works for now, cuse is plain dumb lols =X. 
i PROMISE from nxt week onwards, i will attend all de lectures and listen in lectures,tut,lab and
everything even if there is influence. LOLs (cuse term test arnd corner so b guai kia awhile 1st) =D

well today, 1st thing is shyt! suppose to go school for wwnk tutorial, and when i reach the overhead
bridge or somewhere near dere, aaron call me n say today no wwnk tutorial. OK FUKED UP.
and nxt folo by a txt msg saying that APEL will b postponed till furthur notice. wad bullshyt? and fk,
i gt a talk at 1.30pm. if i know dere is no WWNK tut, no way am i goin to go sch so early. totally waste
time. met up wif WGB ppl n headed to tm ljs for breakfast n folo by arcade for 2hours? those who have
de talk at 1.30pm was actually deciding whether should they skip or go to the 1hours +++ talk. 
the plan was this => if skip, go e hub watch angel vs demon, the ramen girl or fireball? but none was 
watched and so headed back to sch for de talk. wad mr frankie foo? almost turn off but being a guai kia,
i tried my best to listen throughout the whole talk. all of us headed home after de talk but de most 
committed guy hu goes for waterpolo everyday go to library n slack. 
i headed to cs b4 heading home to get my omnia repaired and the KUKU vanda say can change de
housing lols, in the end cannot!!!!!! stupid vanda! so thats all bah. 

for conclusion, i dun like thursday if it continues to cancel wwnk tut and apel without informing us
earlier. and for ur info we have like wwnk lab on wed. y wont the teacher open his mouth 
and tell us that there will nt b a tut tmr. (ISNT DAT SIMPLE?)

Two More Days
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will be heading over to hainan as one of my cross-disciplinary subject taken in tp n will b goin wif de ppl from my course and my class. after this, i do not need to go to school on fridays anymore as i have completed my 9CUs dat i shud take in my poly life.

Last sat n sun was at george bday chalet but i was very tired, well the chalet was considered alrite bah, had funs and also some boring parts of the chalet lols. practically nothing to do at all seriously! onli thing dat we use to entertain ourself was to play Wii and also startin up bbq fire as we have nt much experience on doing it, we took a long time to start a bbq fire. seriously startin fire on a dam aluminium tray was kumpua difficult.
But its considered ok as de day b4, we were celebrating jiahua's bday at my house and we plan a small bbq and on de same time shun bian celebrates justin's bday. me, drew n aaron tried startin the fire at around 6 n i admit i am a noob in startin a bbq fire but oso im not entirely to be blame as the charcoals are VERY THICK n im serious. if u dun believe, try ordering for bbq whole sales and get a package and u will know how thick the charcoal are and oso drew and aaron, both of dem have npcc as a cca in their secondary school n dey cant start up de fire! until a previous guy who has scout as a cca to start the fire. WOW RITE? =D. after that most of dem ton over at my house playin board games, card games and a bit of drinking n headed to living room to start watching the television.some dancing show, forgot wads the title but de show was dam nice. and after dat most of dem drop dead.  
Well poly holidays jus practically sucks, where u stay at home and u cant do anything and i cant even work as i have to go back to school on some days to have lectures, tutorials and even meeting for my GC(global citizenship) where they teach you all kind of shyts that dont even link at all. waste time and this sunday will be goin to hainan for 1 week. woo lala lar. BUDGET AIRLINE FTW! Tiger Airways. 
cyaz for now meet u all mayb nxt week.
DUN MISS ME YA =)                                
p/s:Im still waitin for my present sia its been like almost 8 months alr. LOLs      
you will never be forgotten.            
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1 more to go.
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So far finished 3 papers. OOPG, FNDB n CMATHS.
FNDB was quite alright as i have studied abit on it and shud b able to pass de paper.
then is was cmaths 2 paper today. goin in the examination room wif full of hopes
of gettin another full marks. LOL but then did not realli study de last qn which cost me
mine full marks 5 marks gone jus like dat. now haf to cross my fingers dat i can get
top 5% in cmaths so as to be able to get my 1st distinction in poly lifes.
tmr will be dcnk but i realli do not know how to start, dunno wad to study at all.
mayb start studying at 10 bah.

at arnd 4am will be inter vs man u. jose vs ferguson again.
chiong ar MAN U !


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